The Nobility is a compilation of dark, original fairy tales set in a world where dreams and belief can be made manifest, and where faith and devotion are bartered like currency. Join us as we unfurl the world of The Nobility a tale at a time as we build towards releasing an expanded, finished compendium of works. Every month or so we will be releasing a new illustrated short story focusing on a specific character that comes with a custom enamel pin designed to pair with that specific tale. Support us on Patreon to receive access to in-depth process write-ups and tutorials, time-lapse videos, wallpapers, and discount print and pin preorders for each new piece.





Brian originally conceived of the story for The Nobility and serves as it’s primary illustrator. Brian is responsible for all of the artwork and enamel pins and works with Mel to conceptualize each story and build the world of The Nobility. Originally from Washington D.C., Brian studied illustration and sequential art at the Savannah College of Art & Design, and is currently based out of Orlando, Florida when not constantly traveling around the country to conventions like some sort of vagrant art nomad.



Mel Paisley is an author, illustrator, and general loudmouthed inkslinger. He's been previously published with Polychrome Ink, Meerkat Press, The Port City Review, Vox Poetica, Wussy Magazine, Dystopian Future, and The Harvard University Press, and has worked for Big Lucks Press, Winter Tangerine, and Madhouse Press. When he’s not writing about petty gods and troubled queens with Brian, he makes things about mental health, queer history, and the Asian-American diaspora in the Deep South.